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Double Falsehood

Double Falsehood

by William Shakespeare & John Fletcher

in "Shakespeare Unplugged"
concert performance

Performs December 15th-18th, 7pm.

Shetler Studios Penthouse 1
(Upstairs at 244 West 54th Street)

$15 Suggested Donation
at the door

for reservations
call/text: 917-275-7617
or email: judithshakespearecompany@gmail.com


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Joanne Zipay

Assistant Director/Stage Manager
Bradley LeBoeuf

Music composed and performed by
Simon Powis
(on classical guitar)

Double Falsehood: Double Casts!

Cast A performs December 15th & 17th

Cast B performs December 16th & 18th

Cast A

Duke/Master/Churchman: Oliver Conant*

Camillo: Bill Galarno*

Don Bernard: Ron Bopst

Roderick: Matt Alford

Julio: Hunter Gilmore

Henriquez: Graciany Miranda*

Leonora: Chelsea Clark

Violante: Natasha Yannacanedo*

Shepherd 1, etc.: Sandra M. Bloom*

Shepherd 2, etc.: Jennifer Sherron Stock*

Cast B

Duke/Master/Churchman: Jane Titus

Camillo: Jane Culley*

Don Bernard: Angie Moore

Roderick: Katherine Guenther

Julio: Stephanie Barton-Farcas*

Henriquez: Mary Hodges*

Leonora: Brady Amoon

Violante: Sheila Joon*

Shepherd 1, etc.: Pamela Ehn

Shepherd 2, etc.: Mim Granahan*

*Member, Actors Equity Association,
AEA Showcase Production

"Shakespeare Unplugged" is a format unique to JSC that features actors on book in a rich environment of clear storytelling, dynamic visual elements, and live music. Come, hear a play!

In 1727, a play presented in London was claimed to be a long-lost Shakespeare work previously known as Cardenio.  After centuries of debate, modern scholars have only recently acknowledged Double Falsehood to be a work of Shakespeare and Fletcher - with additional changes made in both the Restoration era and early 18th Century.

Come hear the skilled actors of the Judith Shakespeare Company give life to the words of this controversial play - and see whether you agree that it has the Bard's definitive touch.

JSC's double-casting of Double Falsehood gives you the chance to hear it twice - once by an all-female cast - as we continue our 20-year tradition of breaking tradition!

This production is made possible by the generous support of the New York State Council on the Arts, the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, Mr. Charles E. Bockwith, and JSC’s many generous individual donors.