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“...what would have happened had Shakespeare had a wonderfully gifted sister, called Judith...”  Virginia Woolf

“…a passion and mastery of the text which is awe-inspiring.” – British Theatre Guide 

Selected Press Quotes,


"...a passion and mastery of the text which is awe-inspiring." --British Theatre Guide 2002 

"one of those Off Broadway treasures that makes the big, splashy stuff on Broadway

look stale, as well as ridiculously pricey."

-- Greenwich Village Gazette 2001 

"...knockout performances..." -- Show Business Weekly 2000 

"...forces the audience to consider how deeply ingrained societal gender roles really are."

-- Columbia Spectator 2000 

"superb direction of Joanne Zipay and a wonderful ensemble of actors

who truly know and love Shakespeare."

-- NYTheatre.com 2000 

"an unabridged version of the show that brought the play to life

with great skill and meticulous attention to detail."

-- Off-Off Broadway Review 2003 

"...a firm command of classical theatre and a focus on women's roles."

-- Off-Off Broadway Review 1996 

"...maintains the group's well-deserved reputation for unique, quality

interpretations of classical works. Joanne Zipay manages to be radical even as she is completely loyal to the texts she is working on. That in itself is worthy of applause."

-- electroniclink.com 2000 

"...the entire cast - men and women - perform brilliantly." -- Shakespeare Bulletin 1999 

"...this is no trendy girl power outing. This is Shakespeare for the masses!"

-- Electronic Link Journey 2004 

"...smart, thoughtful, and wonderfully accessible..." -- TheatreScene.net 2004  

"...spectacular..." -- NY Times 2004