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Shakespeare-a-Thon III

“Something Old, Something New”

Saturday August 23 and Sunday August 24 12:00/noon-12:00/midnight

24 Hours: Eight Plays: Two Days

at The Thirsty Fan Restaurant,
254 W. 31st Street, NYC
formerly The Irish Times

Suggested donation of $10 at the door

THANK YOU to all of our sponsors and participants! See the full list.


Come join us for “Shakespeare-a-Thon,” as more than 50 actors recreate their roles in these 8 great plays over 24 hours - presented in "Shakespeare Unplugged" Concert Performance.

Saturday, August 23rd
Noon - Troilus and Cressida
3pm - King John
6pm - Tabula Rasa by Molly Louise Shepard
9:00pm - The Tempest

Sunday, August 24th

Noon - Henry VIII
3:00pm - Pericles
6:00pm - Cymbeline
9:00pm - The Rape of the Lock
by Paul Hagen

Come hear one play or come hear them all! It’s the same price to see one or to see all eight – a suggested donation at the door of just $10!


Judith Shakespeare Company is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation, and all donations are tax- deductible.

Secure online pledges for our marathon Shakespeareathoners can be made using the Donate Now button in the upper right-hand corner.

We will soon be announcing more details about our spectacular online auction.

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Troilus and Cressida was our very first show in 1995, and we have two original cast members committed to reading that play - Leese Walker, and Helen Mutch!

Scott Eck will return to reprise his title role of Henry VIII

Merle Louise (and most of the cast for Cymbeline) will return

Jane Titus will read Prospero in
The Tempest

and we have original cast members returning for King John, Pericles, Tabula Rasa, and The Rape of the Lock
(including Joanne Zipay, Artistic Director!)


JSC's second Shakespeare-A-Thon II: Comedy Tomorrow, Tragedy Tonight, in 2012, made possible a “Shakespeare Unplugged” production of a rarely-performed Shakespeare play: Cymbeline.

JSC’s first Shakespeare-A-Thon: The History Cycle, in 2009, raised the funds that made possible the company’s
unique reverse-gender production of Two Gentlemen of Verona in 2010.


Judith Shakespeare Company, founded in 1995, is committed to bringing Shakespeare's language to life
with clarity and vitality, while expanding the presence of women in classical theatre.


Complete Cast List
Shakespeare-a-thon III


Saturday, August 23, 12noon

Troilus - Hunter Gilmore
Cressida, Myrmidon - Leese Walker **
Pandarus, Myrmidon - Joseph Capone
Thersites - Stephanie Barton-Farcas (SG)
Ulysses - Oliver Conant
Agamemnon - Jennifer Sherron Stock
Nestor - Sandra M. Bloom
Achilles - Roger Rathburn (SG)
Patroclus, Myrmidon - Jessica Bathurst
Ajax - Richard Kass
Aeneas, Priam, Helen, Servant to Diomedes - Sheila Joon
Hector, Prologue - Maurice Schlafer (SG)
Andromache, Calchas, Helenus, Margarelon - Helen Mutch **
Cassandra, Soldier in Sumptuous Armor,
Deiphobus/Antenor, Servant to Troilus -
Jeannie Dalton
Diomedes - Anthony Charles (SG)
Menelaus, Servant to Paris -
Christopher Bell
Paris, Alexander(Servant to Cressida) - Bradley LeBoeuf

KING JOHN (1996)

Saturday, August 23, 3:00pm

King John - Maurice Schlafer (SG)
Constance, French Messenger -
Marie Bridget Dundon
Philip the Bastard -
Godfrey L. Simmons Jr. **
Eleanor, Peter of Pomfret, English Executioner - Jennifer Sherron Stock
King Philip - Helen Mutch
Lewis the Dauphin - Richard Kass
Blanche, English Messenger -
Jordan Gosnell
Arthur - Brian Schlafer (SG)
Prince Henry, Duke of Austria, James Gurney - Bradley LeBoeuf
Salisbury - Leese Walker **
Pembroke, English Herald - Dana Zurkowski
Lady Faulconbridge, The Lord Bigot, Citizen 2 - Jane Culley
Robert Faulconbridge, Hubert de Burgh - Joseph Schlafer (SG)
Viscount of Melun, Chatillon, French Herald - Jessica Bathurst
Cardinal Pandulph, Citizen 1 -
Joanne Zipay

TABULA RASA by Molly Louise Shepard (1996)

Saturday, August 23, 6:00pm

Toxie - Patricia Floyd (SG)
Thadia - Joanne Zipay **
Tad - Jordan Gosnell
Paul - Matt Alford
Mrs. Desmond - Peggy Suzuki
Mr. Desmond - Joseph Capone
Samuel - Godfrey L. Simmons Jr. **
Jynx - Mirirai Sithole (SG)


Saturday, August 23, 9:00pm:

Prospero - Jane Titus **
Miranda - Mirirai Sithole (SG)
Ariel, Juno - Cristina Carrion
Caliban - Antonio del Rosario **
Ferdinand - Bradley LeBouef
Antonio - Peter Zazzali **
Sebastian - Laurie Bannister-Colon **
Alonso - David B. Fuller (SG)
Gonzalo - Bill Galarno **
Stephano - Judith Jarosz (SG)
Trinculo - Suzanne Hayes **
Ship Master, Spirit/Ceres - Roetta Collins
Boatswain, Spirit/Iris - Richard Kass **


Sunday, August 24, 12noon:

Henry VIII - Scott Eck **
Katharine of Aragon, Porter - Jane Culley
Anne Bullen, Earl of Surrey, Secretary to Wolsey - Jeannie Dalton
Buckingham, Gardiner, Scribe -
Joanne Zipay
Cardinal Wolsey, Doctor Butts -
Oliver Conant
Norfolk, Capucius - Mary McGinley
Suffolk, Bishop of Lincoln, Epilogue -
Diana Green (SG)
Thomas Cranmer, Gentleman 2, Brandon - Marie Bridget Dundon **
Lord Abergavenny, Thomas Cromwell, Servant to Wolsey, Page to Gardiner, Crier of the Court, Gentleman 1 -
Rachel Kramer**

Prologue, Sir Thomas Lovell, Archbishop of Canterbury, Garter King-at-Arms, Guard - Jessica Bathurst
Lord Chamberlain, Patience, Singer - Gwenyth Reitz
Lord Chancellor, Sir Henry Guildford, Sir Anthony Denny, Gentleman 3, Cardinal Campeius, Messenger to Katharine, Servant of the Larder, Lord Mayor of London - Andrea Miskow **
Sir Nicholas Vaux, Old Lady, Surveyor, Porter's Man - Sandra M. Bloom
Lord Sands, Griffith, Doorkeeper, Sergeant-at-Arms - Julian Rozzell


Sunday, August 24, 3:00pm

Gower, Diana - Diana Green (SG)
Pericles - Tommy Nelms
Thaisa - Rachel Kramer
Marina, Messenger of Antioch, Messenger of Tyre, Knight 2, Philemon -
Jordan Gosnell
Cleon, Man 1 at Ephesus, Lord of Mytilene - Bill Galarno **
Dionyza - Mary McGinley
Lysimachus, Lord 1 of Tyre, Knight 4, Master of a Ship, Gentleman 1 of Ephesus, Pirate 1 - Matt Alford
Helicanus, Servant to Cerimon, Pirate 2 - Gwenyth Reitz
Leonine, Lord 2 of Tyre, Fisherman 2, Knight 1, Gentleman 2 of Ephesus, Sailor of Tyre - Brady Amoon
Simonides, Man 2 at Ephesus, Gentleman 1 of Mytilene, Gentleman of Tyre - Ron Bopst
Cerimon, Lord 3 of Pentapolis -
Andrea Miskow
Bawd, Lord 3 of Tyre, Marshall -
Sherry Nehmer **
Antiochus, Lord of Tarsus, Lord 1 of Pentapolis, Pandar - Richard Kass
Daughter of Antiochus, Fisherman 3, Knight 3, Lychorida, Maiden -
Jessica Bathurst

Thaliard, Fisherman 1, Lord 2 of Pentapolis, Sailor at Sea, Pirate 3, Gentleman 2 of Mytilene, Sailor of Mytilene - David Reichhold **
Escanes, Knight 5, Boult - Julian Rozzell **


Sunday, August 24, 6:00pm:

Cymbeline - Bill Galarno **
Imogen - Sheila Joon
Posthumus, Roman Captain -
Natasha Yannacanedo **
Pisanio, Roman Tribune - Cristina Carrion
Queen, Roman Senator 1, Briton Lord, Ghost of Posthumus' Mother -
Merle Louise **
Cloten, Briton Jailer - Brady Amoon **
Caius Lucius, Lord 2, French Gentleman - Jane Culley **
Iachimo, Gentleman 1, Roman Senator 2, Briton Captain 2, Jupiter - Eileen Glenn
Belarius, Lord 1, Lady to Queen, Ghost of Posthumus' Father -
Jennifer Sherron Stock **
Guiderius, Philario, Gentleman 2, Ghost of Posthumus' Brother 1 - Amy Driesler **
Arviragus, Lady to Imogen, Ghost of Posthumus' Brother 2 - Peggy Suzuki
Cornelius, Soothsayer, Briton Captain 1 - Sandra M. Bloom **


by Paul Hagen (2008)
Sunday, August 24, 9:00pm:

Alexander Pope-
Stephanie Barton-Farcas (SG)
Belinda - Hunter Gilmore
Clarissa - Tyrone Davis, Jr. **
The Baron - Amy Driesler
Thalestris - Jane Titus
Sir Plume - Suzanne Hayes **

** = Original Cast Member
SG = Special Guest

(Not only are all of our Special Guests talented actors, but many are also Artistic Directors of their own companies!)